Integration Agent

Introducing the New Integration Agent

Pervasive Integration Agent is an application that downloads, installs, schedules, and runs pre-built integrations on the Actian DataCloud platform. Agent can also keep integrations up to date with any bug fixes or new functionality as updates become available.

Pervasive Integration Agent



Here are the Integration Agent features:

  • Download and run integrations locally from the Actian DataCloud.
  • Allow integrations to access both DataCloud and on-premise resources.
  • Schedule integration runs on a timer.
  • Run integrations on-demand.
  • Sync local integrations with updates in the DataCloud automatically for easy deployment of new features or maintenance releases.
  • Automate integration updates to be completely disabled for 100% manual control and added security.
  • Run integrations offline1.

1Note: integrations may need connectivity to execute properly.

Additional Information

 See the following pages for additional information on installing and configuring Integration Agent: