Overview of the Actian DataCloud

The Actian DataCloud™ allows users to leverage more than 25 years of experience in delivering data management products, solutions, and services. The DataCloud is a secure and reliable on-demand services platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud developers who need to rapidly create high-level or low-level on-demand data and application integration, on-demand analytics, and on-demand data profiling.

The platform can leverage Actian data services, including its vast catalog of data adapters, to accelerate your Cloud development. Don’t tie yourself up with data infrastructure concerns. Instead, free yourself up to focus on business-level logic and other priorities.

Data Integration in the Clouds

  • Integration Engines and Design – Use Actian Data Integration, Profiling and DataRush engines, as well as the Actian Design Manager.
  • Connectivity – Access Actian connectivity for various SaaS applications and leverage Integration Agent technology to connect to on-premise applications.
  • SOAP and RESTful Services The DataCloud API supports both SOAP and RESTful services.

You can write your own applications using the core data services or rich composite data services. To learn more read the Actian DataConnect Description Sheet PDF icon and see video for Getting Familiar with Actian DataCloud and a tour of the DataCloud Console.

See our video for Getting Familiar with the Actian DataCloud and tour the DataCloud Management Console.
(Updated 6/21/2013)


DataCloud Availability

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