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Printing Service for Cloud Computing - "What took so long?"

Apr 19

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4/19/2010 4:52 AM  RssIcon

Google recently introduced a service that allows devices connected to the cloud, to print via local printers also connected to the cloud. There were a couple of press releases, a few Blog posts, even a flow of Tweets that went out.  It seemed like news.  And I suppose that it was, kind of.  But those of us that have been around cloud computing had a thought that went more like this, "What took so long?" Not that this plan is easy to implement, but more that it was so obvious. 

Music is on the cloud. TV is on the cloud. Integration is on the cloud.  One could even say that printing on the cloud is an extension of integration on the cloud.  (That makes me wonder why I don't think of it before Google.) The truth is I expect to see these kind of services pop up all over the cloud this year.  Now that the cloud is so capable, starting to be trusted, and devices are being connected at a staggering rate, the same last mile that existed in the on premises enterprise world for the last 25 years, will now become a factor in the cloud world.

Building clouds services will become central to proliferating the cloud even further into businesses around the globe and as such one of the most profitable sectors in cloud computing.  And platforms that allow agnostic services deliver will become critical to that world. Pervasive DataCloud2 is at the core of this growth.

What will the next set of cloud services be?  Who knows, but it's safe to say they're coming, by the hundreds, maybe thousands.  Many of them will be non-eventful, like Google's printing service. But we think the opportunity to build and deploy cloud services is still in its infancy, and offers ISV's a new channel for some very creative development. 

If you have an idea we would love to help by prioviding ther elastice platform that allows fast development and deployment.