Talking Out Cloud

By aaericks on 4/27/2010 5:33 AM
Once again David Linthicum has hit the nail on the head!  The issues organizations have with security in the cloud are not going to go away.  Linthicum points to a recent Harris poll that says over 50% of those polled are concerned with security of data on the cloud.  Cloud vendors must address these questions, they cannot pretend that the fear and uncertainly the would be consumers of their services have.

We at Pervasive take security very serious.  So much so we try to over compensate.  We have been cautious rolling out our public services in an attempt to address security as our platform evolves rather than as an after thought.  

Some of the steps we take to insure your data is secure... 

We take the steps of securing user configuration data, all user configuration data stored on the Pervasive DataCloud2 is encrypted prior to being stored.  We also provide services to our developers that allow them to encrypt data used in their applications, leveraging the PGP libraries.  Since...
By aaericks on 4/19/2010 4:52 AM
Google recently introduced a service that allows devices connected to the cloud, to print via local printers also connected to the cloud. There were a couple of press releases, a few Blog posts, even a flow of Tweets that went out.  It seemed like news.  And I suppose that it was, kind of.  But those of us that have been around cloud computing had a thought that went more like this, "What took so long?" Not that this plan is easy to implement, but more that it was so obvious. 

Music is on the cloud. TV is on the cloud. Integration is on the cloud.  One could even say that printing on the cloud is an extension of integration on the cloud.  (That makes me wonder why I don't think of it before Google.) The truth is I expect to see these kind of services pop up all over the cloud this year.  Now that the cloud is so capable, starting to be trusted, and devices are being connected at a staggering rate, the same last mile that existed in the on premises enterprise world for the last 25 years, will now...
By aaericks on 4/6/2010 3:13 AM
Spring has sprung in Austin. Texas and the Pervasive DataCloud team members have been busy over the winter.  In addition to their normal tasks of maintaining the Pervasive DataCloud, they delivered the Spring 2010 release on March 20, 2010.

Lets take a closer look at each feature, I'll also provide a link for each so you can dive down into the real details.


Execution Real Time Feedback

All the processes that run on the Pervasive DataCloud2 are designed as a work flow process.  In other words, the process starts on step X and completes on step n, depending on the flow.  The new Real Time Feedback feature allows you to know at which step your execution is on, what the status of your execution is, along with details that are provided by the Pervasive Process Engine.

For detailed information on how to use this very powerful feedback feature see the API BLOG entry at:


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